for those who love beauty outside stereotypes


Casa delle More has been designed for those who love beauty outside of stereotypes and metropolitan chaos. A place you do not expect, where modernity and passion for green building merge with nature and tradition to give life to a house “outside of time and space”.

Attention to materials, love for nature and respect for the environment have created this unique home of its kind, suitable for those looking for sophistication and exclusivity as well as for those who like to feel at home between friends.

Casa delle More


Immersed in the beautiful Pescara hill, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, spectacular views of the “Sleeping Beauty” and the sea, almost as if to underline the uniqueness of a region where sea and mountains dialogue with one another, Casa delle More is a little tribute to the story.

…. It is not a simple place, but an evolving project…

Casa delle More goes beyond the concept of simple hospitality, and is intended as a true experience to know the area, to taste its flavors and to live the traditions all interpreted in a modern and sustainable way.

Here you will find not only an intimate and comfortable room to relax, but a place where you can meet friends and meet new ones.


All rooms, in colors and atmospheres, inspire Balinese places and culture but in a revised and design version where the concepts of homefeeling and slow living make it a master. Each room has its own bathroom and has a private entrance from the garden.